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Khadi Crafts is the pilot project for revival of handloom sector. The project of setting up Handloom Units is a central plan scheme designed to take care of the basic problems of the handloom weavers in a coordinated, integrated and comprehensive manner.

The main objectives of the Projects are:

  1. To revive traditional craft of Khadi (Hand loom) Industry Sector.

  2. Enhancing Competitiveness and Productivity of the Khadi (Hand loom) Industry in Southern Punjab.

  3. Economic Empowerment of marginalized sections of society including women and landless village artisans through skill development and provisions of opportunities for income generation. 

  4. Providing training to the weavers in improved weaving techniques, dyeing practices and also in new designs development.

  5. Providing employment to the weavers, keeping in view the fact that there may be a substantial reduction in employment in the power loom sector due to the shortage of electricity.

Khadi Crafts 

The culture of a country best reflects in the traditional dressing style of its people and Pakistan is well known for a variety of ethnic wears, aptly reflecting the diversity of culture. The dressing style varies from state to state and region to region, but every outfit truly reflects the elegance and sophistication of Pakistan men and women.

We are a dedicated force engaged in quality production and we look forward to devising new techniques of weaving to ensure commendable quality of products. We aim at manufacturing fabrics like Handloom Fabrics, Home Textile items and Garments of superior quality and innovative designs.

To provide you with the best fabrics, Khadi Crafts is a leading manufacturer brings to you an exclusive variety of South Punjab Cotton and Silk Handloom Dress Materials & Salwar Suits including Cotton Handloom Fabrics and many home textile products.

Our expert quality control team keeps a strict tab on the incoming raw materials and ensures that the productions process sticks to international quality control regime. Keeping in mind the contemporary fashion world, we have our designers putting their best efforts to bring out new, innovative and cool designs to add to the personality of today's fashion conscious people.


With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our vision encompasses the following:

  • To be one of the most admired textile companies which follows and supports sustainable environmental friendly processes right from cotton cultivation to Product distribution; practices high level of integrity and fairness in dealing with all the stake holders. 

  • To remain focused on developing Specialty and Organic products for safety and functional wear. 


  • Our quest is to become the most admired group by all our stakeholders i.e., Customers, Employees, Share holders and Society at large. 

  • We shall pursue world- class standards in our People, Products, Processes and Performance. 

  • We seek quantum growth to lead in the International and domestic market. And enhance our international presence by encouraging Innovation and nurturing Intellectual Processing. 

  • We will be always conscious of the path we take to ensure highest ethical and moral compliance even as we remain totally focused on our goals. 


As a quality driven company, we follow harsh and rigid quality control measures at every level of our operation to ensure premium quality. Our entire process is monitored by a team of experienced artisans that hardly leave any possibility of error. The finished items are subjected for expert's inspection, thus ensuring the movement of only finished items to the market.

Brief description

 Nature of Activities Planned
  • Weaving (700 looms)
  • Sectional Warping and Manual Traditional Warping
  • Manual hand Spurn 
  • Yarn Dying and 
  • Textile Laboratory 

 No. of  Manufacturing Units
 (Till Date)

 Location  Surrounding of Multan City , Southern Punjab, Pakistan.
 Head Office  Main Bosan Road, Near Addah Barsati, Multan 
 Model Field Unit  Neel Kot, Near Southern Bypass, Multan.
 Field Units    1. Murdanpur, Near Adda Bosan, Multan . 
   2. Basti R B, Wehari Road , Multan .
   3. Khotay Wala, Bodla Road , Multan .
   4. Khotay Wala, Bodla Road , Multan .
   5. Botaywala 19 Kasi, Wehari Road , Multan .
   6. Neel Kot, Near Southern Bypass, Multan.
 Training & Development Center    Opposite Amman City Main Bosan Road, Multan 


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