Introduction about Vocational Trainings

Vocational training is used to prepare for a certain trades or crafts. Decades ago, it used to refer solely to such fields are welding and automotive service, but today it can range from hand trades to retail to tourism management. Vocational training is education only in the type of trade a person wants to pursue, forgoing traditional academics.

Pakistan has shown a remarkable progress in the sector of education in the recent times but vocational training courses are still not regulated in many schools. This has resulted into a major gap between the supply and demand of skilled manpower in the region. The shortage of skilled workforce has led to increase in number of unemployment labour in the country.

In Pakistan, vocational training is provided as a part-time and full-time basis. Full time training is typically provided by the Industrial Training Institutes and we are working as Industrial Training Institute with the name of KCDC Textile and Vocational Institute while the part time programs are offered to the students under the Board of Technical Education.

Introduction of KCDC

We, KCDC Textile and Vocational Institute is a registered Institute with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan. KCDC is also registered with Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) and National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) and Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) with the mission to upgrade the technical skills of the human resources of Pakistan.

KCDC Textile and Vocational Instituteis working for Economic Empowerment of marginalized sections of society including women, and landless village artisans, through skill development and provision of opportunities for income generation, at their door step would be most motivating factor through innovative project.

KCDC Textile and Vocational Institute was established in 2009 to bring various activities pertaining of Technical Education & all levels, under one roof. In start KCDC was made responsible for Industrial Trainings relevant to textile but with due course of time we have started many other trades other then Textiles.

Since the last 7 years the activities of various programs under the KCDC Textile & Vocational Institute have increased tremendously & in order to meet the skilled manpower requirement, the training activities have been increased by way of Starting new ventures with different donors agencies.

To enhance the capabilities of Institute KCDC is working as Training Partner under MOU with Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) Government of Punjab and National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) Government of Pakistan.

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